Domain Management should not be hard.

After being beaten, battered and bruised by the callous impersonal and purely profit minded registrars we did what any uncomfortably tech-savvy team would do; we built our own registrar and made a commitment to ourselves and our customers to be fair, ethical and efficient.


You bought the domain, you own it and we'll respect that. If there's ever any sort of claim against your domain we'll notify you.


Lots (I mean LOTS!) of registrars have pretty sneaky pricing practices. Sure the domain you just registered only costs $0.99 for the first year but what about when it's renewed? You'd probably assume that would be $0.99 too....but it's not. Not by a long shot – and good luck finding that renewal price on their websites.

Our prices are simple, reasonable and best of all – we don't hide them from you. Check our Products & Services page for all the prices for all our products and services (including domain auto-renewals).

We also don't see any benefit to giving YOUR personal information to anyone else. It is yours after all, see our Privacy Policy for more details.


You can't offer great prices without having pretty efficient systems. We are OBSESSED with efficiency. If it can be automated, it's been automated. If a person just has to do it, that person is transformed into a cyborg capable of working without food or rest 24/7/365.

But it's not just our efficiencies we're concerned with. We want YOU to be as efficient as we are. Have a few hundred domains to keep track of? Well so do we, so you'll find our tools are geared to make your life as painless as possible.